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Spinach balls - Healthy appetizers

As you guys know by now I grew up in France in a healthy foodie family.  My grandma growing all our vegetables and mums cooking ALL our meals. Mums always had an obsession for spinach. I think she passed it to me. I mean, the amount of spinach I eat each week is absolutely absurd. But there is worst food to be obsessed on in life, right? SO those spinach balls appetizer are another of my spinach recipe to fix my all day spinach craving! Keep reading and I will tell you more about those amazing healthy appetizers.


Did I said that those cute spinach balls appetizer are SUPER EASY to make ? All you need is 6 basics ingredients:

  • Spinach – fresh or frozen
  • Eggs
  • Grated cheese of your choice – I probably tried 10 different sort of hard grated cheese and all goes well. My favorite are emmental, cheddar and mozzarella
  • Panko crumbs – gluten free or not as you like
  •  Fresh herbs – parsley or coriander are my favorite
  • Garlic salt – or fresh garlic and salt but I am lazy sometime and both result in a delicious spinach ball

This is a NO FAIL recipe. If you have got a large mixing bowl and you are not scared to get your hands a bit dirty, here you go! You are few minutes away of making the most delicious spinach balls for your next party.

Spinach Balls steps


What I really love about those simple spinach balls is that you can make them ahead and freeze? With my busy 2 year old running around the house all I (don’t) have is time to make fresh meals everyday. That is another thing I love about this recipe.  I can easily froze those spinach balls. I started this blog 3 years ago to show how to feed my family for health. But I won’t lie to you! While I cook all our meals LOTS of them goes to the freezer.

  • Freeze this spinach balls appetizer recipe on a plate covered with parchment paper
  •  Leave half thumb space between each spinach balls to avoid them to stick together
  • After an hour they are hard enough to be transferred into an airtight plastic box
  • Keep in the freezer up to 3 months ! 

It is clearly your BEST alternatives to potato chips for your next party! They are the best healthy appetizers to impress you friends. And YEP, I am a lazy fit mum too and sometimes I do prepare those spinach balls with panko crumbs – not always gluten free – and frozen spinach  Confession : you will not taste the difference so if you are on a rush just go for frozen spinach, really this is a time saver as it takes only few minutes to defrost the spinach in boiling water. OUPS! forget to say make sure you dry out the frozen spinach very well before using. I usually pat dry the spinach on absorbent paper until no more water left.

I make about 30 spinach balls appetizer with this recipe – NOPE, it is not a lot because i is super addictive food and you will eat them super quickly. Don’t feel guilty about it this is one of my clean  food recipes so it is OK to slightly ‘overeat’ healthy food don’t you think? Well that is my philosophy! You guys know me enough now to  know that I HATE diet, and I love to indulge myself on great food sometimes.


Dont !

This recipe store very well in the freezer and I always have a batch in my freezer. Honestly, I am not always defrosting the balls before baking. It works really well to bake them frozen . Well, it took a wee bit longer to get crispy and hot but works like a charm.  I also love to serve some zucchini balls in the mix. It is a similar recipe with pieces of zucchini, mint and garlic, check out the zucchini balls recipe if you like.

Spinach balls - Healthy appetizers
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