What are the best habits for an exciting life?

Keep your body fit

It makes you healthy. It makes you confident and it keeps you satisfied. It makes you attractive.
Also, fitness has nothing to do with the shape of your body. Fitness is all about having a good stamina and strength with a normal BMI and losing that unhealthy and lethargic lifestyle. Fitness doesn’t mean having those curves near your waist, fitness doesn’t mean having abs, fitness doesn’t mean having a big butt (for women) and those pecs and biceps for men. Be it a sport you play everyday, or yoga or gym, aerobics or Zumba or anything.

Take up your favorite time pass as your hobby

A hobby makes you relaxed and satisfied at the same time. People generally think a hobby to be something productive. No! A hobby is something you take up to freshen up your mind. I am not great in any of them but I do it to relax my mind and of course feel contended.You look younger as compared to other people of your age. The skin stays beautiful well into your senior years. You get to make new friends. You don’t get tired easily. And you’re generally happier than other people around you. You can handle any kind of situation with a calm mind.

Eating Healthy Food

Refined sugar and saturated fats need to be completely cut off from your diet. They make you fat, lazy, unhealthy, and give you mood swings. They give you heart conditions. You feel short of breath even with the smallest amount of efforts. You feel dizzy. You get migraines. Fast food is delicious. Donuts are bae. Any pizza without Coca Cola feels incomplete. But are they worth it in the long run? Fast foods are unhealthy, as we all know. Eating them once in a while is fine. But please, don’t make it a habit. Eat home cooked meals. Home cooked meals can be as delicious as fast foods if you use the right ingredients. They save you money and you stay healthy.

Enjoying little moments

Today everyone is busy making a career for themselves, everyone wants to hit big and wants to live their dream life. But while we are busy chasing after our dreams, we are not enjoying the little moments in our life. It is about creating memories and living the moment. One should not neglect these little things in their life. It is about enjoying your time with friends, family and with your loved ones. Here I am not saying thinking big or chasing after one’s dreams is wrong but life is not all about going big.