All our lives we have heard that one thing is your boyfriend and another your best friend, but honestly I believe that your partner must be both, since this is the secret formula for full happiness. Do you want to know if your boyfriend is also your best friend? Check this!

1. Do not be uncomfortable that I see you disheveled and without makeup.

You can be in your pajamas, disheveled and without a drop of makeup and you feel completely comfortable with it because you know that your relationship goes beyond that.

2. They share the food.

Usually it bothers us that someone puts a hand in our food, but you share everything, even the straw.

3. It is not unusual for the account to be divided.

The fact that the boy pays for everything has gone down in history, it is also enjoyed when you invite him. Maybe you split the account and that is completely normal.


4. You tell her even the most trivial of your day.

Those little details that you omit when you tell someone something, are the ones you tell him. You tell her absolutely everything and the best thing is that she loves to listen to you.

5. They have their own language.

They have invented meaningless words that only you understand and do not mind talking like that in public.

6. They have invented jokes that nobody else understands.

They have their local jokes, sometimes a glance or a handshake is enough to let out a laugh for something.


7. They can chat for hours without realizing the time.

They love talking, sometimes time goes by without them realizing it. There are never any uncomfortable silences among you.

8. There is nobody with whom you prefer to be on a Friday night.

It does not matter if you go out or stay to watch movies, there is no place you would prefer to be if it is not with him.

9. Fights last less than a blink.

The fights are always for nonsense or misunderstanding and last less than a blink. They can not stand being angry, it’s boring not to talk.


10. The disgusting things they do became fun.

Modesty escaped through the window a long time ago and that makes everything more fun.

11. You tell everything without fear.

He is your confidant, he is the person to whom you tell him your secrets and your dreams. He knows everything about you and you about him.

12. He is the first person to whom you ask for advice.

When you need advice, comfort, a hug, etc. He is the one who always appears in your mind.


13. You do not remember a day when you did not laugh at his side.

Every day they laugh, there is no day when you do not feel happy.

14. You feel full and calm being with him.

It is your safe place, tranquility invades you in his presence.

15. You tell everyone that he is your best friend.

You can proudly tell everyone that in addition to being your partner, is and will always be your best friend.