12 Amazing Wine Bottle Christmas Crafts

For all wine lovers out there, it’s time to get creative this holidays!

Instead of throwing out your old wine bottles, you can turn them into adorable Christmas decorations! These glass containers are a whole lot more versatile than you might think. In this post we show you some great ideas of how to use those empty glass bottles to decorate your home for upcoming holidays. Enjoy and don’t forget to share!

1. Glitter Wine Bottles with Letters

Glitter Wine Bottles with Letters

Tutorial via Through the Yellow Door

2. Wine Bottle Filled with Lights

Wine bottle filled with lights

Tutorial via eHow.com

3. Wine Bottles in a Cap and Scarf

Wine Bottles in a cap and scarf

Source: Life4Up

4. Re-Purposed Bottle Tree

Re-Purposed Bottle Tree

Source: This Green Life

5. Upcycle Wine Bottles Into Frosted Luminaries

Upcycle Wine Bottles Into Frosted Luminaries

Tutorial via That’s What {Che} Said

6. Wine Bottle Santa Face

Wine Bottle Santa

Source: The WoW Style

7. Snowflake Wine Bottles

snowflake wine bottles

Source: Pinterest

8. Snowman Painted Wine Bottles

Snowman Painted Wine Bottles

Source: Geek and Food

9. Candy Cane Wine Bottles

Candy cane wine bottles

Source: Pinterest

10. Penguin Wine Bottle

Penguin wine bottle

Source: Pinterest

11. Red Yarn Wrapped Wine Bottle

Red yarn wrapped wine bottle

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12. JOY Wine Bottles

JOY Wine bottles

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